Birds, bees and solar farms 

We’re firm believers that solar farms can have a positive impact on nature and wildlife so it’s great to see a new piece of research from Solar Energy UK that says exactly that. The report surveyed 37 solar farms across the UK using a standardised reporting methodology that can be repeated year on year. Highlights include the results of a wildflower planting trial at a site in Essex which recorded 6 times as many bumble bees and five times as many butterflies compared to the rest of the site. 

Results from Sawmills Solar Farm in Devon showed the potential for increasing bird populations at solar farms. Built in 2015, the site was designed to increase the number of bird species visiting during the year through hedgerow and wildflower planting. The team recorded thirty three different species of birds on the site, up from 18 in 2015, including birds of conservation concern such as mistle thrushes and yellow hammers.

There’s much more in the report