Help build a cleaner, lower cost and more secure UK energy system

By choosing a career at Clearstone Energy you’ll be joining a team delivering projects that matter and pushing the boundaries of what great means in our quickly growing industry. 

Renewable energy project development is a challenging role. There is no master plan for the energy transition. Adding new renewable energy technologies to a 50 year old electricity grid designed for coal and gas-fired power plants is by no means easy. There is no such thing as the perfect site for a renewable energy project. We’re as much problem solvers as we are energy, land and environmental experts. 

At the same time we’re continually looking for opportunities to set new standards for solar and battery energy storage projects. We do this so that our projects have an impact that goes beyond the energy they generate. Empowering local communities to be more energy efficient and embrace renewable energy. Contributing to efforts to restore natural ecosystems. Reducing carbon emissions associated with project construction. Speeding up the UK’s energy transition. 

Let’s create the future together

Helping to create the future, while supporting local communities and contributing to the global cause that is climate change. It’s what gets us out of bed in the morning. If that sounds like you we’d love to hear from you.

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We’re always on the lookout for talented people with an interest in energy, land or project development, who thrive on variety and have a passion for problem solving. Please send us your CV and let us know what you’re looking for in your next role.

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Solar Energy

The UK’s energy markets have experienced turmoil and rising electricity costs since 2021, leading to a surge in rooftop and ground-mounted solar installations in 2022. Two-thirds of UK solar generation comes from large-scale projects, and solar energy is the fastest growing and lowest cost renewable energy technology.

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Battery Storage

Battery energy storage is key for reliable renewable energy. Large scale batteries near wind and solar sites ensure a constant electricity supply. Transitioning from gas to batteries will make energy cleaner, more secure and cheaper.

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About us

Clearstone Energy is a leading independent developer of renewable energy and energy storage projects. Our projects increase the availability of clean, low cost energy in the UK and improve the resilience of the electricity grid.

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How we work with

We believe that those people living near to a renewable energy project should benefit directly from the project.

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