We work closely with land agents to deliver exceptional renewable energy projects

land agents we work with to deliver exceptional renewable energy projects

Excellent, long term financial returns

Farms and estates face rising energy and materials costs and pressure on revenues, certainly for food. Both solar and battery storage projects can provide long-term, stable income for a farm or estate. Additional revenues will assist future financial planning for a business or family, and can also be used to secure funding for other projects.

Revenue diversification and business integration Post-Brexit, farmers in the UK are still uncertain about the future with 77% of businesses expecting to have to make changes to their operations in the next five years. The predictable, long term revenue stream offered by a renewable energy project can help spread risk, provide financial stability and support investment in other areas of the business. With solar there is also the possibility of embracing agrovoltaics and grazing sheep or growing shade tolerant crops among panels.

Enhancing the land Temporarily taking land out of agricultural use can lead to huge improvements in soil quality over time. By diversifying and hosting an energy project, the landowner can actually future-proof the land. Our projects are designed to achieve a Biodiversity Net Gain across the project site that can have a beneficial impact for surrounding land.

How could a renewable energy project add to farm and estate operations?


From initial contact to go-live we work in partnership with you to ensure you can help clients make informed decisions about the project

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Planning expertise

We have the in-house expertise to manage the preparation of detailed planning applications and design a scheme that works for both the project and the wider business. We are a hugely experienced team of land, energy, planning and engineering experts, and have an excellent track record securing planning permission for renewable energy projects. To learn more about our approach to planning click here.

Our approach to planning
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Grid expertise

Insufficient grid capacity poses a major challenge for energy projects. We have dedicated grid experts in-house and a long term relationship with the National Grid. We start each project with a confirmed grid connection rather than submit an application as the project progresses. Starting a renewable project without one can jeopardize project realization despite the diligent efforts of land agents and developers.

Our approach to grid connections
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An integrated approach

We work with you to design a project that integrates seamlessly into your client’s existing business operations and put in place robust restoration plans to ensure that the land will be properly reinstated at the end of the term. While our legal and project teams work with you to ensure that everything is set up contractually in a way that is specific to your client’s needs and protects their interests.

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Taking the lead on local community engagement and benefit

Every farm and estate is part of a local community. We appreciate the need for constructive community engagement around a new project and take the lead on consulting with local stakeholders and residents to ensure that questions are answered and concerns are addressed. We also have a market-leading community benefit package which offers tangible support to local people.

How we support communities


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Solar Energy

The turmoil in the energy markets since 2021 and rising cost of electricity has flicked the solar switch in the UK. The UK Government’s Powering Up Britain strategy has set a target of a five fold increase in solar generation capacity between 2023 and 2035 (13GW to 70GW).

More about Solar
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Battery Storage

Battery energy storage is a critical component in building a Britain powered by renewables. Large scale batteries adjacent to wind and solar sites and consumption centres in towns and cities will ensure a reliable electricity supply regardless of whether the sun is shining or wind blowing.

More about Battery Storage

Talk to one of our development managers

Tom Bevan

Tom Bevan

Senior Development Manager

Tom is a chartered surveyor who brings enthusiasm and property acumen to his work in the development team. He manages a portfolio of solar and battery storage projects, working with a broad range of technical, planning and environmental experts.

Sam Thomson

Sam Thomson

Development Manager

Sam brings technical experience to the Clearstone Energy development team, ensuring that we maximise the energy output from each of our projects while managing a pipeline of innovative new projects that push technical boundaries forward.

Digby Willoughby

Digby Willoughby

Senior Development Manager

Digby manages a portfolio of solar and battery energy storage projects that are setting new standards for biodiversity net gain in the UK. He brings together technical, planning and environmental expertise to deliver his projects and lends his environmental expertise to all of our projects.