Project status

  1. Project Design
  2. Community Consultation
  3. Planning Application Submission
  4. Planning Application Decision
  5. Construction
  6. Operational
  • Where

    Chalton, Bedfordshire

  • What

    Battery energy storage

  • Network Connection Capacity

    49.5 MW

  • Equivalent household power use

    100,000 homes for 2 hours when fully charged

  • Annual CO2 emissions saved

    11,880 tonnes

  • Project Development Size

    0.5 hectares

  • Project Lifespan

    40 years

The Sundon Battery Energy Storage project will be one of the first sites to connect under the National Grid’s Energy Park programme.

This innovative partnership between National Grid and renewable energy developers is designed to quickly and cost-effectively add battery storage to the transmission network to capture the full potential of existing renewable energy generation assets.   

The site is adjacent to the National Grid 400kV substation at Sundon on the high voltage transmission line between offshore wind generation in the North of England and the distribution circuit that supplies electricity to London. 


Biodiversity benefits

The site includes a 7 metre buffer of new shrub and tree planting which both screens the batteries from a nearby public footpath and encourages biodiversity gain in a predominantly arable area.

Planting will be a diverse mix of native British species. Bird and insect boxes will be installed along the site boundary to support a range of bird and insect species. 

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